Thank you for stopping by and visiting the "Hole in the Wall Biewer Terrier Gang"  here in the foothills of the beautiful Berkshire Mountains.  We are dedicated breeders of the wonderful Biewer Terrier, and pledge to breed happy, healthy, sound Biewer Terrier babies.  Our dogs are tested purebred Biewer Terriers and we DO NOT condone the breeding of Yorkshire Terriers, or any other breeds for that matter, with the Biewer Terrier.

It is with great pride that the Biewer Terrier Club of America, Inc. "BTCA, Inc." announces the acceptance of the Biewer Terrier into the FSS,  Foundation Stock Service Program of the AKC.

This is a time of tremendous joy and honor for the members of the BTCA. We are also extremely grateful to Mars Veterinary for their foresight in recognizing a distinct breed and the extensive research they conducted in distinguishing the Biewer Terrier as a separate, purebred dog. Science at its best!

The dedication and devotion of the BTCA members, to adhere to the strict guidelines it takes to develop a new breed, are to be commended. It has not been an easy road but the rewards have been monumental. With the advancement of science in the dog world, the BTCA/BTRA members have used all tools available to them in order to better their breeding programs resulting in BTRA dogs being superior in quality, color, and confirmation.

The BTCA will be working closely with AKC while making the transition into the FSS. AKC will only be accepting BTRA registered dogs, as it is the only purebred Biewer Terrier registry in America. The requirements are posted on the BTCA web site and on the BTRA website in order to assist all those wishing to have their Biewers registered with BTRA. The protocol that has been in place for years, for anyone seeking to register their purebred dogs with BTRA, will remain the same.

If you are interested in being a participant in the development of the purebred BIEWER TERRIER, the BTCA will do all they can to guide you through the Biewer Terrier registration process. They will also be available, at any time, to answer any and all questions that may arise during your registration. Please contact
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